Episode 67: Hotter Than Hades

It was a hot one on this week’s episode of Pub Politics! Joel Sawyer fills in for Wes and joins Phil to discuss babies, redistricting and guest reporter Adam Beam’s first impressions of the SC Senate.

The Wild Hare in Columbia’s Vista hosted this event, and we thank them for their cool beer and great service. Please be sure to pay them a visit! .

About Wesley

Wesley Donehue is CEO of Donehue Direct, a political consulting firm working to blow the doors off of online campaigning. Wesley is the cohost of Pub Politics along with his buddy Phil Bailey. Wesley is a Republican. Phil is a Democrat. They're both cool.


  1. Love Adam Beam! so glad to see him at The State! Although we’ll certainly miss O’Connor.

  2. Beaver Removal says:

    I love this show. It gets a little boring at times but I appreciate the depth. Keep it up. Maybe bring in some strippers.

  3. Bob Monroe says:

    Ken Ard has to go. Adam needs to write more about how Ken Ard won’t answer questions. He’s a liar. He’s a cheat. He shouldnt be allowed to serve.

  4. Thank you Joel for filling in for me. You ain’t as pretty, but you’ll do when I’m not around.

  5. Bob – I watched with my own eyes as Lt Governor Ard sat down with Adam for about 15 minutes. He wasn’t hiding anything.


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