Episode 19: Hawaiian Shirt Day

Phil and Wesley are joined by SC Republican House candidate Sheri Few to honor the loss of their good friend Rod Shealy. Wesley asks “was Anton Gunn’s announcement another Obama bailout” while Phil tries it take to a very prepared Sheri Few. They also talk about the latest Alvin Greene news and the Haley and Sheheen education announcements.

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Please join the Pub Politics team and keep the Shealy family in your prayers..

About Wesley

Wesley Donehue is CEO of Donehue Direct, a political consulting firm working to blow the doors off of online campaigning. Wesley is the cohost of Pub Politics along with his buddy Phil Bailey. Wesley is a Republican. Phil is a Democrat. They're both cool.


  1. I totally agree with Phil. Anton Gunn decided to do a classy drop off instead of resigning after the election and require the voters of his district to hold a special election.

    Just look at the turmoil that former Columbia City Councilman, E.W. Cromartie, put the voters of his district with his convictionof tax evasion and money laundering. Cromartie knew what was coming. He could have saved Columbia a bunch of grief and money and resigned before it was required to hold a special election.

    Special elections costs the government extra costs to host the election and the state to verify results.

    Anton Gunn is a class act! Plus, he played football for USC. USC! USC! Go Cocks!

  2. I finally figured out what business occupied the Sly Fox! If memory serves me correct, I think it was Beulahs. There’s the pool table on the second floor. Our coworkers used to walk down to the Vista for lunch and also blow off steam. We worked for one of the “dot-bomb” companies in Columbia; this one had their name on two sides of the building.

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